Efficient Time Scheduling

Are you wondering if you will have enough time this winter to make a season ski pass worthwhile? Or do you want to avoid spending hopeless hours studying the night before an exam? Follow these four steps and learn how to really control your own life by using a:

  • Course Requirement Worksheet
  • Assignment Calendar
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Daily “To Do” List

Course Requirement Worksheet

Use the following worksheet to collect the information you need to plan your semester.


  • Make a copy for each course you are taking.
  • Examine your syllabus for each class for any information provided there.
  • Ask instructors for any missing information.

Assignment Calendar

Use the following calendar to organize assignment due dates so you won’t get caught off guard. It also helps you prepare to plan your weekly schedule.


  • Break up long-term assignments, like papers, into parts by assigning due dates for each sub-part.
  • Keep your calendar with you and check it each week to help you plan your weekly schedule.

Weekly Schedule

Use Excel to create a basic weekly schedule. Mapping out your weekly activities will help you gain more time by visualizing available blocks of time that are normally wasted.


  • Start with fixed activities such as school and work and save your schedule as a master copy.
  • Map out your flexible activities each week. Include study, meals, exercise, etc.
  • Plan you activities in a time block of 50 minutes, followed by a 10 minute break.
  • Study during your most alert times of day.
  • Try and review study material immediately before or after class.
  • Schedule time for sleep and fun (e.g., social hobbies, athletics, private time, etc.).

Daily “To Do” List

Use your cell phone to create a list of things that you would like to accomplish today. This list can be the real secret to your success if you do it every day.


  • Most phones are capable of taking notes or adding reminders. Utilize these functions including your alarm.
  • Search your app store for free or cheap to-do list apps. Errands To-Do List and Wunderlist are some of the highest rated to-do list apps.
  • Rank your activities and place the highest priority ones at the top.
  • Remember that completing your list is not as important as making the best use of your time during the day.