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Tutor Agreement

Tutors are expected to make a commitment to attend all training sessions scheduled by the tutoring center unless other arrangements have been made with the coordinator.

Tutors who miss two tutoring appointments without proper notification to students are subject to termination from employment.

Most convictions will not automatically disqualify job candidates but may require criminal history background check.The seriousness of the offense, how it relates to the job and the date of the conviction will be considered. The University may require a security clearance. Please list all convictions.

  1. Have you ever been convicted for other than minor traffic violations?
  1. I authorize the University of Utah to check all information relating to my application for employment. I have read through the application and understand that my employment at the University of Utah depends on the completeness and truthfulness of this information. I understand that the University of Utah will not be liable for reference information received from present and/or past employers on the background checks.
Last Updated: 8/29/17